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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Facebook - A Powerful Tool to Get Blog and Website Promotion

Social network is very effective to get visitors from all over the world for your blog and websites.Facebook is most effective from all of them.You are open to find and make friends on Facebook.Facebook is a very powerful social media. If you want to use facebook for your blog promotion then you have to follow the following steps:VNQRPMZUK8ZB
First create your account at facebook.
Add friends by using friend finder feature.
Send updates of your website or blog to all your friends.
Try to establish personal relationship to all friends.
Join the relevent groups.
Post your blog or website link to the relevent groups.
If you follow these simple steps for blog promotion by using facebook then you would surely get good traffic from facebook.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to Find Friends on Facebook

I like Facebook to find friends of my interest.Its very easy to find friends from all over the world in a single click.Facebook is the largest and biggest social networking site on the Internet.  According to Social Baker research this site growing very fast with over 600 millions members and 50% of them is login everyday, each people has average 130 friends, spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Top five country Facebook users is come from United States, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Turkey and Philippines.
Facebook search is the best tool if you need to find someone such lost or old friends, classmate buddies, family, past
coworkers, relative, missing person, etc. Most of people has a Facebook account and you can find them easily with Facebook friend finders.
Find people on Facebook divided into several categories, you can search by name, email address, search by classmate, and search by company or discover people you know from your hometown, school, mutual friends employer and much more.
Here five ways how to search people on Facebook, just visit each link below and follow the instructions there
1. General Facebook Search
On this page you can select search by people and enter the basic information such name,  location, education, workplace and begin your search
2. Search for Friends on Facebook
Facebook also provide more specific search like search by name or email, search by school and search by company don’t forget enter person name in each search category
3.Find friends from different parts of your life
This page also provide more specific people search term to get more accurate search results
4.Find Friends by email address
Facebook can help you to find person from your email address book. All major web mail services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Hanmail, Skype etc are supported
5.Facebook Advance People Search Application
You can use this application to search for people on Facebook . This app currently indexes profiles of about 240 million people in its database
6. Find people with your last name on Facebook
I just realized that Facebook have another people search feature called Family Search, on this page you can search with your last name or even find someone by their last name.
I hope this article can help you to find someone you are looking for, you can share this Facebook search article to your friends or family to help them find people on Facebook
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Learn How to Use Facebook from Mobile Phone

Now a days no one can stop to spread the social contacts and social media.I think social networking doesn't wait for anyone so its time to join from your computer or from your mobile.If you’re anything like me, you encountered the whole Facebook phenomenon unfashionably late. “What rot” you’ll have said, nose in the air, “what vacuous nonsense,” as you desperately tried to steer clear of all those hip young things populating the site.

Then, in the process of signing up for Facebook while researching this very article, I came across someone I knew from my school days. Then another. Then another. When I looked up I realised an hour had passed and my editor was exactly 61 minutes annoyed by my lack of progress.

Which basically means that, like it or not, Facebook remains a huge draw and a genuinely useful tool for renewing old acquaintances (not to mention all the cool games available for it).

But did you know that you could view, update and upload to the site on your humble mobile phone? And all without installing a thing?

All you need is:
  • A Facebook account
  • An internet-capable phone

That’s it. Read on to find out how to get up and running:

Point your internet browser to Facebook’s mobile section. You might be required to sign in, after which you’ll be shown to the mobile page. Click on the “Activate Facebook Mobile” button on the top right of the screen.Input your mobile number in the left hand box, remembering to add your country code (+44 for the UK) in place of the first ‘0’. Then click on your carrier, or operator, in the right hand box. Then click on the Activate button.
You’ll receive a swift text from Facebook containing your Confirmation Code. Bring it up and type it in to the box that now appears on your monitor. Click Confirm.
That’s it, you’re now signed up for Facebook Mobile. By texting a message to 32665 (if that sounds a little random, it’s FBOOK on your keypad) you can update your status for all your friends to see. You can also receive texts when people poke, message, wall post, or befriend you. When you next check your Facebook profile you’ll see that the Facebook Mobile application has been added

You’ll now be shown to the customisation page, where you can set limits on what you receive on your mobile. You can choose whose messages, comments and status updates get sent to your phone and whether you should be notified of friend requests. You can also set the maximum number of texts you receive in one day and when they get delivered.

When you look at the reams and reams of “friends” some people seem to have, this is an important feature that shouldn’t be skipped. You could be checking your phone all day otherwise (you popular thing you).

Finally, you should really point your mobile towards Facebook and keep it bookmarked. There’s a specially mobile-optimized page for speedy updates. Go to on your phone’s internet browser.

You’ll be able to do most of the things you can on your PC from here, but it’s presented in a clear, simplified way that shouldn’t hit your data usage tariff too hard.
Now if you have any problem about mobile please use this link:- 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Use Facebook - 6 Easy and Risk Free Tips

Nowadays this is age of social media and everyone is connected through social networks especially through Facebook. People of all ages and nationalities use Facebook on line social network as a way of letting friends and relatives know what they are doing. There are however problems that can arise from the use of Facebook. There are ways to avoid these problems if you think about putting safety first before you go online and you post any updates about yourself.

    • 1
      Don't be foolish think safely. Do not give the general public information about yourself that you would rather just share with certain people in your life. Remember when you are using your computer to go online to a social network such as Facebook you run the risk of sharing to much.
    • 2
      There are privacy buttons provided on Facebook so you can pick and choose who sees what you post. Keep in mind to be prudent because people do fall out. Once again think safely as you don't want a disgruntled friend to be telling things that could really embarrass you to people on Facebook and other online social networks..
    • 3
      Never give out your name or home address to anyone who contacts you through Facebook. Doing this can lead to a myriad of problems from unwanted phone calls to unwanted visits to your home or unwanted online communications such as email.
    • 4
      Never use Facebook as way of getting retribution at someone by making derogatory comments. This type of behavior can backfire on you and you are the one that ends up getting hurt by it. Always keep in mind that online social networks should be used for positive communication
    • 5
      If you do post pictures of yourself on Facebook be selective and think about the future, Would you like your Parents or a perspective employer to see the pictures?
    • 6
      Don't take everything that other Facebook users post as the truth . Remember people often try to mislead other with false information.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to Minimize the Risks of Social Networks - Facebook,Twitter,Orkut,My,Space....

Encourage your kids to come to you for help when they are being cyber bullied or have encountered online predators.

Or if they are uncomfortable speaking with you, tell them to speak with a trusted adult an aunt, uncle, teacher or older sibling to lend an ear.

Be sure your teen knows how to report abuse or inappropriate behavior to social networking sites. With Facebook, for example, they can send an email to

Talk to your children about what they do on the Internet Wired research shows that teens who discuss social networking websites with their parents behave safer online.

•    Get your own Facebook profile or MySpace page

Why not ask your children to help you set up your profile? You never know, they may even ask you to be a “friend” in their network.

•    Be informed Keep yourself up to date on the benefits and challenges of social networking by visiting educational sites.

Kids have a tendency to want to share information with their friends and connections. They need to understand that they need to protect their privacy and their reputation diligently.

Set some limits and make a few rules for your children with regard to their online behavior especially on social networking sites.

Left the amount of time your kids are allowed to spend on the Internet

Discuss what is and is not appropriate to share online and remind your child that nothing is secret in cyberspace

Advise your children to beware of people they don’t know who want to join their network these “friends” may be predators or cyber bullies who want to do them harm.

Teach them the risks and dangers of sharing passwords, phone numbers, addresses, and social security numbers and other personal information even with their best friends

Encourage them not to use the real and  full name, identity, school, and age in text or images, so this information can not be used to locate them offline

•    Have them to inform you if they notice anything odd or unusual such as messages from “friends” that seem out of character or photos that your children never posted

•    Teach your children to be wary of messages especially solicitations or offers with links to websites that they receive from others in their network, as the messages may be coming from a con artist who has commandeered a friend’s profile and is distributing a phishing scam

•    Tell your kids that they cannot meet face to face with individuals they’ve met online

Risks of Social Networking Sites - Parents Guide to Use Social Networks

Your children may spend a lot of time on social networking or virtual world sit for Facebook, and Club Penguin. These popular sites are a great way for them to friends using computers and mobile devices and have changed the way of interaction with their friends and family.

Too often though, kids include too much personal information and discussion that could get them into trouble, or otherwise place themselves at risk .
The purpose of this e-guide is to provide concerned parents like you with the knowledge with challenges associated with social networking and community websites. Once the basics, you’ll be better able to help your kids stay safe when they socialize online.

Facts About Soda~ Networking

•    In 2008, nearly 15 million  teens in the US. were “social network users,” and children (three to 11 years old) also used social networking websites.

•    Among teens 12 to 17 years old, 65% have a profile on an online social network.
•    Facebook is  the Lirgest social network, with more than 200 million active members also the most popular among teens. 84% of teens polled said they have a Fac MySpace has more than 185 million registered users.
•    A recent McAfee-sponsored survey5 revealed that 20% of teens have engaged behaviors—including posting mean or helpful information or pics, publicizing private communications, sending anonymous emails.
•    28% of teens say they would not know what to do if they were harassed.
•    52% of teens have given out personal information online to someone. and one in four (25%) have shared personal photos and/or physical description (twice as many girls as boys).
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